Friday, March 27, 2015

Lucy and her Great-Great-Great Aunt Myra Jane

Lucy was able to meet Myra Jane while she was on orchestra tour in Lancaster.  Myra Jane came to one of her concerts!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rock Climbing

This is apparently what happens in my home, when I'm not home.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


On Sunday I went to see a movie alone, the second time in my life.  I actually really enjoy going alone, part of it is the superiority feeling I get that I can go to the movies alone without dying of embarrassment. :)

I loved the Divergent book series, and really loved the movie.  (Thank you, Theo James.)  I thought Insurgent was just as good, if not better, and I'm looking forward to the final movie whenever it comes out.

Shailene Woodley & Theo James Get Ready to Wrap 'Insurgent'

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Providence Children's Museum

On Friday I took the kids to the museum.  This is my favorite museum, along with the Discovery Museum in Acton, if you haven't taken your children to either of these, you should.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Harry and David

My cousin sent me a surprise package of bakery items from Harry and David to congratulate me on my new job!  I loved the beautiful box and presentation, and the food was delicious.  The raspberry galettes were my favorite.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The American Girl Experience

On Wednesday, Amelia and I headed off the American Girl store in Natick for Amelia's first American Girl experience.  We had been planning this event since June so both of us were excited.

 Caroline got her ears pierced.  Amelia picked out the hair style she wanted her to have and the color of the ribbons.

 Amelia had to sign the form when it was all done to get her doll back.

 Looking through the menu she told me, "I feel like a grownup, looking through this menu...even though I can't read it."  She picked a root beer float, fruit fondue, and butterfly pasta.  We didn't have room for dessert.  They bring dishes for the dolls that you can keep and the napkin rings are hair ties that you can take home.

 The flower gets to go home too.  It's a set price menu, 16.95/person, which isn't bad for the amount of food and the experience, of course.

Then we did some window shopping in the store and came up with some things to add onto Amelia's wishlist.  She wanted to go to the mall also, so we walked around there a bit (saw the Easter Bunny) and headed home.

You don't have to hold your doll while you go!

We had a great time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


One who would think that with having a week off I would be able to blog, but I haven't felt the need.  I keep moving "blog" along on the daily list.

Toby is doing well.  Really he has done very well since right after the surgery.  He was on tylenol and ibuprofen every three hours for about three days, but now he is down to taking it as needed.  He isn't complaining of pain, although he is unable to stick his tongue out very far, which makes his talk very funny, which makes me worried because that was the whole reason we had the surgery done.  I'm assuming it is just swollen and painful and that he will be able to move his tongue again soon.  His breath is horrific which is a side effect of the surgery, but it is really really horrific.  It fills the car.  I have a hard time being near him for any length of time.  We are brushing his teeth about five times a day and it just brings about 3 seconds of relief.  I'm also wondering if he has thrush (can be another side effect) because his tongue is completely white.  We'll watch and see.  He's been playing for many hours on the ipad and computer.  He has at least completed all of his missed school work and done a few things around the house, but for the most part, he's  living his dream life.

Amelia went with a friend to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday for about 3 hours.  She had a great time and I was happy she was able to get out of the house.

I've been sleeping a lot, working on getting things set up for the school year next year, and doing all the dishes and laundry, which Lucy normally does!

According to the reports we are getting from the tour, Lucy is having a great time.  Yesterday she met her great great great aunt Myra Jane who lives in the Lancaster area and she played at the nursing home where her great great cousin (not sure what relation exactly) lives and she was able to meet her.  Lucy loves meeting family members and anything to do with her family history, so I'm sure this was exciting.

We are off to Boston today to spend time with Sam's family.  Tomorrow Amelia and I are having dinner at the American Girl store and getting the doll's ears pierced and hair done.  Thursday we'll head to the school to get some work done and pick up Lucy.
 Before surgery

Ice cream for breakfast (and after a haircut)

Saturday, March 14, 2015


My new position has been announced to the parents.  I guess it's official.

New Elementary School Principal: Sarah Bowler Whitinsville Christian School is pleased to announce that Sarah Bowler has been offered the Elementary School Principal position. Her commitment to Christ, understanding of Christian education, knowledge of elementary school curriculum, and her years of experience in a variety of settings are all essential assets in filling this significant position. We are delighted with her enthusiasm for providing leadership for grades PreK - Grade 5. – Lance Engbers, Headmaster

Friday, March 13, 2015

Good News Week

Sam and I spent last weekend thinking about all that could go wrong this week.  It was either going to be a very bad week for us, or a very good one.

1.  My final interview for the elementary principal position at my school was on Saturday.  I had started the process to get this job almost a year ago.  The process itself has been filled with ups and downs and I thought this final week might break me.

2.  I found a lump last week, near my breast, that I needed to get checked out this week.

3. Toby was having his tonsils out on Thursday.

4.  Sam had his big PD project due for work.

5.  Lucy was leaving for orchestra tour on Friday.

God is good and the week couldn't have gone better.

1.  I have been offered the position of WCS Elementary Principal for next year!  I am very excited to start this new chapter in my career, nervous, but excited.  Just as the first year of teaching is one of enthusiasm and mistakes, I'm sure this first year of administration will be filled with highs and lows.  Thankfully, I love this school community and feel a great deal of support from students, parents, faculty and administration.  We are on spring break next week and I'll be spending the week getting my plans into organized lists. (Of course!)

2.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday and the lump is just a skin cyst, all is well.  I told him I had been planning my death, he told me I didn't need to.   He also froze a skin thing that I had on my face which I had no idea could be removed, so that's exciting.

3.  Toby had his tonsils and adenoids out yesterday.  All went well, surprisingly well.  We got home around noon and he's been without any pain so far (on ibuprofen/tylenol, of course) and he's been busy building legos and playing minecraft.  His only complaint is hunger, but he can start soft foods today.

4.  Sam finished his project and turned it in.

5.  Lucy leaves this morning for Lancaster, PA on orchestra tour.  They will be gone for a week, playing at nursing homes, churches, and helping out at a homeless shelter.  In the flurry of this week, we were able to get her all packed and ready and she's been sleeping over my parents since Wednesday to make the schedule work.  I think she'll have a great time and it's much better to be away on tour, instead of sitting in our house for a week on spring break.

That's what we have been up to.  This has been a week of tension, followed by thankfulness.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Toby's Extended Family Party or The Final Party

 Enjoying Rachel's iPad

 More people enjoying it

 Sam is really interested.

 Ice in the shape of a dragon tooth from Purgatory Chasm

The books he has been waiting "forever" to read again - the Eragon series

Monday, March 02, 2015

Toby's Party with Friends

This year Toby wanted to have a party with his school friends, so he chose a laser tag party at Pinz in Milford.  There are 10 boys altogether in his class and the package includes 10, so it was perfect.  We arrived, they did 30 minutes of laser tag, had pizza and a brownie cake, and then were each given a $10 card for the arcade.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and I was impressed with the organization.  The price was great too since it includes the cards for the arcade.  I also love that tickets don't print out, instead your tickets go right on your card.

Apparently he has a reputation as a reader because half of the gifts he received were Barnes and Noble gift cards. :)

Amelia hit the jellyfish for 1,000 tickets!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Beach Day

We celebrated beach day with the elementary school on Friday afternoon, relay activities and popsicles.  Amelia put shorts on before school and decided that wasn't going to work, so she went with a t-shirt and sandals.  Not great pictures due to having to crop other children out. :)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Toby's 10th Birthday

Toby turned 10 on Thursday, double digits!  We celebrated with presents and breakfast in bed, falafel for lunch, tacos and ice cream cake for dinner.  More parties to come this weekend.
 He decided to have breakfast in our bed since his loft bed isn't very conducive to the family being with him.

 His first Nerf gun

 Amelia's card to him

 Legos from Grammy and Grandpa

 and the LOTR soundtrack

 Money from Granny